P203 Fettpumpe

P203 Fettpumpe

P203-Schmierpumpen sind vielseitig, kompakt und wirtschaftlich. Je nach Leitungslänge können 150 Schmierstellen versorgt werden. Im Lieferumfang dieses Geräts sind ein integrierter Motor, ein Behälter, ein Rührpaddel, ein Pumpenelement, ein Füllnippel und elektrische Anschlüsse enthalten. Es können bis zu drei Pumpen vorhanden sein Elemente angetrieben von dieser leistungsstarken Pumpe, die mit oder ohne Leerstandsregelung ausgestattet werden kann.
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Unleashing the Power of the P203 Grease Pump: A Deep Dive

Unleashing the Power of the P203 Grease Pump: A Deep Dive

Merkmale Anwendungsbereich Pflegetipps
Hochdruckbetrieb Industrielle Maschinen Regelmäßige Reinigung
Supplies NLGI #2 grease Automobilindustrie Rechtzeitige Inspektionen
Kompakt und wirtschaftlich Baumaschinen Use of quality grease

In the world of machinery maintenance, the P203 Fettpumpe stands as a silent hero. It's not just a tool but a guardian that ensures the seamless operation of industrial machines, vehicles, and Baumaschinen. Let's embark on a journey to explore the untapped potentials of this incredible device.

A Real-Life Savior

Imagine a bustling factory, machines humming, and workers immersed in their tasks. In such an environment, the last thing anyone would want is a breakdown. That's where our hero, the P203 Grease Pump, comes into play. With its ability to supply NLGI #2 grease under high pressure, it ensures that every Maschinenteil is well-lubricated and operates like a well-oiled orchestra.


The P203 is compact yet powerful. It's like the unsung warrior that packs a punch well above its weight. Designed to withstand high pressures, it delivers grease efficiently even in the most demanding environments. It's versatile, making it a favorite among technicians in various industries.


John, a seasoned technician in the automotive industry, swears by the P203. “It's a lifesaver,” he says. Every day, he oversees the maintenance of hundreds of cars, and the P203 has never let him down. It ensures that every vehicle is ready to hit the road with confidence.

Wartung leicht gemacht

Maintaining the P203 is as easy as a walk in the park. Regular cleaning, timely inspections, and the use of quality grease are the golden rules. It's not just about keeping the pump running; it's about ensuring optimale Leistung day in, day out.

Nützliche Tipps

  • Clean the pump regularly to avoid clogging
  • Inspect the hoses and connections for wear and tear
  • Always use the recommended grease to ensure longevity

The P203 in Action

In the world of construction, the P203 is a trusted ally. It ensures that schwere Ausrüstung operates efficiently, reducing downtime and boosting productivity. Every drop of grease delivered by the P203 is a step towards timely project completion and satisfied clients.

Eine Geschichte zu erzählen

Sarah, a construction site manager, recalls a scenario where the P203 proved its mettle. “We were on a tight schedule, and then our main crane started acting up. Thanks to the P203, we got it back up and running in no time,” she narrates.

Wrapping It Up

The P203 Grease Pump is not just a tool; it's a partner in productivity, a sentinel of efficiency, and a guarantor of machine health. In the realms of industrielle Maschinen, Kfz-Wartung und BaugewerbeEs

P203 Fettpumpe mit Niveauschalter



Eingangsspannung:DC24V oder DC12V
Outlet1 Oulets
Reservoirkapazität:2 l, 4 l, 6 l, 8 l
Leistung pro Minute:0.04–0.18 ml/Hub
Schmiermittel:Fette bis NGLI #2; Öl ist ab 40#
Max. Betriebsdruck:25Mpa


You could check the voltage input situation in first,check the fuse,cable and Timer.If not,change the motor to try again.
1. Lösen Sie den Auslass des Pumpenelement and wait the solid grease to the inlet of the outlet.If wait more than 30 mins,there isn’t any grease come out,you could add/fill some oil,to push the air or lower the viscosity to let the grease comeout. 2.If the Fett Wenn das Fett aus dem Pumpenelement austritt, aber das Fett nicht zu den Schmierstellen gefördert werden kann, können Sie zur Überprüfung ein neues Pumpenelement austauschen.
Das Hauptproblem liegt in den Schmierstellen, insbesondere für die Schwerlast Überprüfen Sie zuerst alle Schmierpunkte der Ausrüstung. Lösen Sie zuerst die Rohre zu den Schmierpunkten, wenn sie sicher sind Ventil funktioniert noch, dann prüfen der Einlass der Blöcke und Rohre.

P203 Grease Pump Replacement

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