Fabrikpreis: 55 Gallonen pneumatische Fettpumpe


Fabrikpreis: 55 Gallonen pneumatische Fettpumpe

Der ursprüngliche Preis betrug: 300.00 $.Der aktuelle Preis beträgt: 280.00 $.

  • Modell: Isohitech Air 55Gallonen
  • Druckverhältnis: 50: 1
  • Ausgangsdruck: 30–40 MPa
  • Lufteinlassbereich: 0.6–0.8 MPa
  • Entladung: 0.85 Liter/Minute
  • Fassungsvermögen: 200 Liter/55 Gallonen
  • Netto-Gewicht: 10 kg
  • Im Lieferumfang enthalten: 5-Meter-Schlauch, Universalgelenk-Spritzpistole, Zubehörtasche

A 55-gallon air-powered grease pump is a device that uses compressed air as a power source to dispense grease from large containers, typically 55 gallons. These pumps are commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as construction, manufacturing, and industrial environments where machinery requires regular lubrication.

Wichtige Funktionen und Spezifikationen


  • Definition: The pump ratio determines the amount of grease dispensed per stroke. Common ratios include 50:1, 55:1, and 60:1. For example, a 50:1 ratio pump dispenses 50 units of grease for every unit of compressed air used.
  • Gemeinsame Verhältnisse: 50:1, 55:1, and 60:1.


  • Betriebsbereich: The pump requires a specific range of air pressure to operate effectively, typically between 60 to 150 PSI.


  • Ausgangsmessung: The grease output of the pump is measured in pounds per minute (lb/min) or cubic inches per minute (cu in/min). For instance, a pump can output 4 lbs/min or 80 cu in/min.

Hose Length and Material

  • Bedeutung: The length and material of the grease hose are important considerations. Longer hoses provide greater flexibility, while materials like steel or polyurethane rubber ensure durability.

Garantie und Wartung

  • Überlegungen: Look for pumps with extended warranties (e.g., 3 years or 10 years) and designs that are easy to maintain, with replaceable seals and filters to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.


  • Eigenschaften: Known for high-quality, heavy-duty pumps with low air consumption motors and 10-year warranties.
  • Modelle: M3 50:1, Heavy Duty M3.


  • Eigenschaften: Offers a range of pumps with high pressure capabilities (up to 7500 PSI) and durable construction.
  • Modelle: Lincoln 1426.


  • Eigenschaften: Provides pumps with high flow outputs and advanced features such as quiet pneumatic motor designs.
  • Modelle: Graco Fire-Ball series.

Preise und Verfügbarkeit

Wirtschaftliche Optionen

  • Beispiele:
    • Grizzly T26748: $180.95
    • Bielomatik 30015269: $399.99


  • Beispiele:
    • Macnaught M3 50:1: $586.95
    • Lincoln 1426: $1334.70


  • Beispiele:
    • Macnaught Heavy Duty M3: $1,385.00
    • Ingersoll Rand ARO DM0450L53PKL1000: $4,314.27

Weitere Überlegungen

Drum Size and Compatibility

  • Stellen Sie die Kompatibilität sicher: Verify that the pump is compatible with the size and type of your grease drum.

Noise Level and Safety

  • Eigenschaften: Look for pumps with quiet pneumatic motor designs and fully sealed grease systems for enhanced safety.

Instandhaltung und Reparatur

  • Servicefreundlichkeit: Consider pumps equipped with easily replaceable parts and repair kits.

By considering these factors, you can select the appropriate 55-gallon air-powered grease pump that meets your specific needs, ensuring efficient and reliable lubrication in heavy-duty applications.

Gewicht 10 kg
Abmessungen 41 × 84 × 12 cm

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