Elektrische Fettpumpe AC380V


The motor-driven MultiPort lubricator is a rugged, compact lubricator available in both AC or DC voltages. It is equipped with a fixed output pumping element for discharging grease over a wide operating range. There is an option for a low level switch and an adjustable output element. An electronic controller is available for programming the MultiPort automatic lubricator. Recommended for use with Series Progressive lubricators.

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The DZG Lubricator is a rugged, motor-driven, electric lubricator, equipped with fixed or adjustable output pumping elements to discharge grease or oil over a wide operating range. This compact unit is available with low-level switches and can be used with up to three separate feed lines. DZG Lubricators can be programmed with timers, controllers, and monitors.

Modell PN Spannung (V) Motor (W) Druckscheiben


Discharge per


(Ml / min)





DZG-220 20704-XXX AC 220V 60W 25


6 * *
DZG-380 20705-XXX AC 380V * *
Wie man bestellt:

1.2070× -Nummer der Steckdose-Reservoir (2L, 4L, 6L, 8L)-reservoir material/level switch(M: metal; equip level switch/0:plastic;without level switch/1:plastic;equip level switch).

2. Note: Optional outlet threads M12 × 1.5 and Rp1/4 are available for your choice. Please specify the outlet and reservoir at time of order.

Gewicht 10 kg
Abmessungen 30 × 30 × 40 cm

"Timer" or "without Timer"


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