BM-B Grease Pump


BM-B electric lubrication pump set is suitable for nominal pressure of 40MPa single, dual-line grease centralized lubrication system.It can be equipped with mobile cart, hose, grease gun and power cable to form a mobile pump station.
Fixed pump set with re-direction valve is used for dual-line lubrication system, which can be used lubricate heavy machinery or production line.

Druckscheiben 40Mpa
Entladen 34ml/min,67ml/min
Leistung 370W
Stromspannung AC380V
Schmiermittel NIGL 000#~3#
Reservoir 8L, 15L und 30L
Gewicht 100 kg
Abmessungen 40 × 100 × 80 cm
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