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  • Durchmesser: 25mm
  • Gewinde: M8 oder M10 könnten optional sein
  • Material:PA und Aluminium

A chain lubrication roller brush is a specialized tool designed to efficiently and uniformly apply lubricants to roller chains, which are commonly used in various industrial and mechanical applications. These brushes ensure proper lubrication, reducing wear, preventing rust and corrosion, and minimizing friction, thereby helping maintain chain performance and longevity.

Types of Chain Lubrication Roller Brushes

  1. Nylon Lubrication Roller Brush
    • Werkstoff: Made of high-quality nylon or synthetic fibers.
    • Design: Features flexible bristles that can reach the tight spaces between chain links.
    • Vorteile: Provides precise and controlled lubrication, minimizes mess, and reduces the need for excess lubricant. Compact design makes it easy to carry and use for on-the-go maintenance.
  2. PA and VA Brushes
    • Werkstoff: Available with PA (polyamide) and VA (stainless steel) bristles.
    • Design: Long bristles withstand constant bending motion, suitable for large chains or chains with additional contours.
    • Vorteile: High oil retention, durable, and versatile. VA bristles are especially resistant to high temperatures and easy to detect if lost, making them ideal for food production environments.
  3. Square and Round Brushes
    • Werkstoff: Typically made of polyamide or stainless steel.
    • Design: Available in various sizes and shapes (square or round) to fit different chain applications.
    • Vorteile: Precise dosing and feed reduce lubricant consumption. High-temperature variants can be used in extreme temperature environments.

Chain Lubrication Methods

  1. Manuelle Schmierung
    • Prozess: Lubricant is manually applied using an oil can, sprayer, or brush.
    • Frequenz: At least once daily or every eight operating hours.
    • Vorteile: Cost-effective but labor-intensive and prone to human error.
  2. Ölbadschmierung
    • Prozess: The chain is immersed in an enclosed oil bath.
    • Vorteile: Ensures thorough lubrication but requires a well-sealed housing to prevent leaks.
  3. Tropfschmierung
    • Prozess: Oil is supplied at a controlled rate using a drip oiler.
    • Vorteile: Suitable for drives with low bearing pressures and machinery with limited space.
  4. Ölringschmierung
    • Prozess: A rotating disc immersed in oil disperses the lubricant onto the chain.
    • Vorteile: Effective at high speeds (over 300 RPM) and can be more practical than an oil bath in some cases.
  5. Zwangsschmierung
    • Prozess: An oil pump continuously sprays oil onto the chain.
    • Vorteile: Ideal for high-power drives and heavy-duty chains, ensuring continuous cooling and lubrication.


  • Industrieketten: Used in conveyors, escalators, high-speed chains, and transportation facilities.
  • Fahrräder und Motorräder: Crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of bicycle chains.
  • Food Production: Stainless steel bristles are preferred for their durability and detectability.

Chain lubrication roller brushes are essential tools for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of roller chains. They come in various designs and materials to suit different applications and environments. Whether manual or automatic, proper lubrication methods are crucial for optimizing chain performance and reducing maintenance costs.

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Abmessungen 4 × 4 × 4 cm
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