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Sealing plugs are connectors used to seal and terminate various openings, ports, and pipes in different applications. They are designed to provide a secure, leak-proof seal that protects the interior from moisture and other environmental factors.

Typen und Materialien

Sealing plugs are made from various materials, including:

Korrosionsbeständige Materialien

  • Durable Alloys: Made from die-cast zamak alloy, stainless steel, and other corrosion-resistant materials to ensure durability and resistance to environmental factors.
  • Flexible Materialien: Flexible rubber sealing plugs are used in applications requiring effective seals, especially for irregularly shaped ports and openings.
  • Kunststoffe und Polymere: Polyethylene and other plastics are used for various sealing plugs, including those sealing unused jacks in weatherproof boxes.


Sealing plugs can be used in various industries and applications, including:

Weatherproof Boxes and Electrical Enclosures

  • Electrical Sealing: Used to seal unused jacks in weatherproof boxes, extension rings, and cluster covers to ensure a waterproof seal.

Industrielle Ausrüstung

  • Thread and Bore Protection: Used to protect the internal threads and bores of industrial equipment, ensuring a tight fit and preventing moisture intrusion.

Automotive and Engines

  • Breather Openings and Ports: Used to seal breather openings and ports in engines and other automotive applications, providing an effective seal to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering.

Chemical and Laboratory Applications

  • Chemische Verteilung: Used to seal openings after chemical distribution, ensuring a safe and leak-proof closure.
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