Elektrische Fettpumpe DC24V


The DZGK grease pump has 2kg reservoir and voltage is DC24V or DC12V,It work in many industries with smart design and high protection level.

Verfügbarkeit: 1000 auf Lager

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The DZGK 24V/12V Lubricator is a lubrication unit with multiple outlet capabilities that runs on electrical power. It is primarily intended for use with progressive divider valve systems and can house up to three separate pumping elements. These pumps can deliver lubricant directly to designated points or through a network of progressive divider valves. The 24 VDC motors make this unit ideal for mobile applications, and there are various control options available, including an integral controller or external controllers such as the TC-2 or customer’s PLC/DCS/etc.

PDI System

The motor powers the eccentric cam, which moves the spring load piston elements and causes the lubricant to be displaced through an outlet check valve. The lubricant then travels through mainline tubing to positive displacement injectors and multiple lubrication points. To release pressure when the pump motor stops, a solenoid-operated vent valve is included in the system. This allows for injectors to reset for the next cycle.

Progressives System

Power is supplied to a motor with a gearbox that drives a precision eccentric cam that engages with up to three spring-loaded piston elements. Through an outlet check valve, a fixed volume of lubricant is displaced by the element(s) through a suction and pressure stroke. Each piston element includes a relief valve that can be adjusted. Lubricant is discharged through mainline tubing to progressive divider valves and to multiple lubrication points.

Versorgungsspannung 24VDC
Motorleistung 50W
Max. Druck 25MPa
Einzelauslass 5.5ml / min
Anzahl Steckdosen 1 ~ 3
Reservoir 2L (Kunststoff)
Fettbereich NLGI 000#~00#2
Schutz IP65
Intervall 4 Minuten zu 15 Stunden
Laufzeit 8 Sekunden bis 37.5 Minuten
Strom wenn geladen 3A
Wie man bestellt:

20703-Number of outlet
Note: Optional outlet threads M12 × 1.5 and Rp1/4 are available for your choice. Please specify the outlet and reservoir at the time of order.
Price: P.N.20703
Basic type: DC24V; one-outlet; 2 liter;

Artikel PN Artikel PN
Timer PN120 4L reservoir PN124
Ausgangsnummer PN122 Druckanzeige PN123
Gewicht 10 kg
Abmessungen 30 × 30 × 40 cm

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