Der ursprüngliche Preis betrug: 2,000.00 $.Der aktuelle Preis beträgt: 1,900.00 $.

  • Ausgang: 1-24 Ausgang
  • Behälter: 20 l/30 l/50 l
  • Spannung: 380V
  • Druck: 25Mpa
  • Schmiermittelbereich: Fett Nr. 00–Nr. 2
  • Auslass: 6 mm Schlauch

The DDB multi-point grease pump is specifically designed for multi-point lubrication systems, commonly used in various industrial applications including machinery, construction equipment, and manufacturing plants. Here are some of the main features and advantages of the DDB multi-point grease pump:


1. Mehrpunktschmierung

  • Capability: The pump can supply grease to multiple points simultaneously, making it suitable for large industrial applications.

2. Elektromotor

  • Antrieb: The pump is driven by an electric motor, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

3. Hoher Druck

  • Output: Capable of generating high pressure (up to 10Mpa), ensuring effective grease delivery to all lubrication points.

4. Adjustable Stroke

  • Flexibilität: The stroke of the pump can be adjusted to meet different lubrication requirements.

5. Kompaktes Design

  • Installation: The pump’s compact design makes it suitable for installation in confined spaces.


1. Verbesserte Effizienz

  • Arbeitsreduzierung: The DDB multi-point grease pump reduces manual labor and ensures stable grease delivery, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the lubrication system.

2. Einsparmaßnahmen

  • Reduzierter Verbrauch: Helps reduce grease consumption and extends the life of equipment by ensuring proper lubrication.

3. Einfache Wartung

  • Anwenderfreundlich: The pump’s design is maintenance-friendly, with simple structure and easily replaceable parts.

4. Zuverlässigkeit

  • Langlebigkeit: Manufactured with high-quality components, the pump is reliable even in harsh industrial environments.

Technische Daten

Parameter Wert
Maximaler Druck 10Mpa
Fütterungsstellen 10-36
Kolbenhub 10 mm
Einstellbarer Hub 5 mm
Fettausstoß 0-0.2 ml/stroke
Vorschubgeschwindigkeit 13 Hübe / min
Behälterkapazität 7-23 L
Motorleistung 0.37-0.55 kW
Gewicht 32 85-kg

Installation und Wartung


  • Ort: The pump should be installed in a clean, dry place with minimal dust and vibration.


  • Regelmäßige Kontrollen: Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the pump’s reliability and efficiency. This includes inspecting and replacing worn parts, cleaning the pump and reservoir, and ensuring proper lubrication.

Lieferanten und Preise

The DDB multi-point grease pump can be purchased from various suppliers, including Henderson Industrial, Jianhe, and Alibaba. Prices vary depending on the supplier, model, and specifications, ranging from approximately $430 to $1,569.

Unsere Parameter

The DDB multi-point grease pump is a reliable and efficient solution for multi-point grease lubrication systems. With its compact design, high pressure, and adjustable stroke, it is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure long-term reliability and cost savings.

Gewicht 60 kg
Abmessungen 80 × 50 × 80 cm
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