DJF3000 Progressive Blöcke


DJF3000 Progressive Blöcke
Largest Grease Distributor

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DJF3000 series distributors suit for high ambient temperature. With manual lubricator, motorized lubricator and pneumatic lubricator can form single line lubrication system. Widely be used in large machine tool and harbor machines. A typical DJF3000 distributor consist of a inlet section, a end section and no less than 3 sections and no more than 10 sections. A distributor can have 3 to 20 outlets. Twice outlet section (Add “T” after section specification means twice outlet section) have two outlets at both side of the section. Single outlet section (Add “S” after section specification means single outlet section) have an outlet at one side of the section. Please pay attention that you can block any out otherwise the progressive distributor can not work.


Maximaler Arbeitsdruck: 25 MPa
Abgabe: 0.4 ml/Zyklus ~ 4.8 ml/Zyklus
Lubricant viscosity (under standard temperature):oil ≥ N68, grease: NLGI 000#~2#
Arbeitstemperatur: -20℃~+60℃
Verteilernummer: 3~10
Schlauch: Auslass: Φ8 mm, Länge: 1.5–4.5 m/Einlass: Φ10 mm, Länge: 1.8–5.5 m
Verteilermaterial: Kohlenstoffstahl

Nein Valve


Entladen PN Max Druck Min.
Einlassschraube Einlassrohr Auslassschraube Auslassrohr Ausgang pro Scheibe
ml/Zyklus MPa
1 3000-25T 0.40 20730-25T 25 1.4 Rp3 / 8 Φ10 Rp1 / 4 Φ8 2
3000-25S 0.80 20730-25S 1
2 3000-50T 0.80 20730-50T 2
3000-50S 1.60 20730-50S 1
3 3000-75T 1.20 20730-75T 2
3000-75S 2.40 20730-75S 1
4 3000-100T 1.60 20730-100T 2
3000-100S 3.20 20730-100S 1
5 3000-125T 2.00 20730-125T 2
3000-125S 4.00 20730-125S 1
6 3000-150T 2.40 20730-150T 2
3000-150S 4.80 20730-150S 1


  1. Der Zyklusindikator kann an 50T- oder 50S-Abschnitten montiert werden;
  2. The user shall specify the changed inlet/outlet diameter. when ordering;
  3. Never block the outlet of a distributor so as to avoid over-pressure damage to the distributor;
  4. See “Accessories of distributors—crossing port” for crossing port selection
Gewicht 10 kg
Abmessungen 10 × 10 × 4 cm

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