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  • Thread:M6,M8,M10,M12,Pt1/8,Pt1/4
  • Durchmesser: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm
  • Material: Kohlenstoffstahl
  • Oberfläche: verzinkt

An elbow compression fitting is a component used in hot and cold water piping systems to connect two pipes or tubes at a 90-degree angle. It consists of three main parts:

  1. Druckmutter
  2. Compression Ring (Ferrule)
  3. Passender Körper


  • Schritt 1: Slide the compression nut onto the pipe or tube, followed by the compression ring.
  • Schritt 2: Insert the pipe into the fitting body until it bottoms out.
  • Schritt 3: Tighten the compression nut, which compresses the ring onto the pipe, creating a leak-proof seal.

Material und Konstruktion

Elbow compression fittings are typically made of brass, which provides strength and corrosion resistance. They are popular due to their easy installation process, which does not require welding, making them suitable for connecting various types of pipes.


  • Schnelle und einfache Installation: No special tools are required for installation.
  • Mehrweg: Can be disassembled and reassembled multiple times.
  • Vielseitigkeit: Suitable for connecting pipes made from different materials, such as copper, plastic, and steel.
  • Vielfalt: Available in various sizes and configurations, including male/female threads and barbed ends.


Proper pipe preparation is crucial for a secure connection. This includes:

  • Entgraten: Remove any burrs from the pipe ends to prevent damage to the ring.
  • Reinigung: Ensure the pipe and fitting are clean before assembly to achieve a tight seal.


Elbow compression fittings are widely used in:

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Water Piping Systems: Ideal for hot and cold water supply lines.
  • Pneumatische Systeme: Suitable for air lines requiring a 90-degree change in direction.
  • Various Fluid Transport Applications: Useful in systems where a change in flow direction is necessary.

These fittings are versatile and reliable, making them a preferred choice for many plumbing and industrial applications.

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