Lincoln SL-1 Fettinjektor

Lincoln SL-1 Fettinjektor


Skf / Lincoln SL-1 Injector, 81713A

The LINCOLN SL-1 is a lubricant metering device designed for single-line lubrication systems. Below is a comprehensive overview of the product:

Technische Daten:

  • Modell-Nr .: 81770-1
  • Marke: Lincoln
  • Output Minimum: 0.008 cu. in. / 0.131 cc
  • Output Maximum: 0.080 cu. in. / 1.31 cc
  • Operating Pressure Minimum: 1850-Psi / 127-Leiste
  • Operating Pressure Maximum: 3500-Psi / 241-Leiste
  • Operating Pressure Typical: 2500-Psi / 172-Leiste
  • Operating Pressure Vent: 600-Psi / 41-Leiste
  • Connections Manifold Inlet: 3/8″ NPTF (f)
  • Connections Injector Outlet: 1/8″ NPTF (f)
  • Rostfreier Stahl: 239351* One Injector Manifold
  • Anzahl der Verkaufsstellen: 1


  • Injector manifolds have 13/32″ (10.3 mm) diameter mounting holes for 3/8″ bolts.
  • Injectors have flouroelastomer packings. Check compatibility with synthetic lubricants.
  • Injector rated for 350°F (176°C) maximum ambient temperature, depending on lubricant used.
  • Injectors include fitting for filling feedlines via alternate outlet port.
  • Output with adjustment screw hand-tightened is 0.009 cu. in. Maximum output is achieved with eight turns at 0.009 cu. in. per turn.

Hauptfunktionen und Spezifikationen

  • Anwendung: Designed for single-line high-pressure centralized lubrication systems.
  • Outlets: 1 to 6 outlets.
  • Metering Quantity:
  • Schmiermittelkompatibilität: Compatible with NLGI 0, 1, 2 greases and lubricants that are compatible with fluororubber (FPM).
  • Betriebsdruck:
    • Minimum: 1850 psig (128 bar)
    • Maximum: 6000 psi (413.7 bar)

Struktur und Komponenten

  • Typically includes a transparent polycarbonate protective cover.
  • Available with or without a manifold.
  • Utilizes a piston pump mechanism commonly found in lubrication systems.


The LINCOLN SL-1 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Industrielle Maschinen
  • Automobilindustrie
  • Schweres Gerät
  • Any system requiring precise lubricant metering


  • Präzise Schmierstoffdosierung
  • Adjustable output to meet various application needs
  • Compatible with different grease consistencies
  • Robust construction suitable for industrial environments
  • Transparent protective cover for easy visual inspection

Weitere Informationen

  • Part of the SKF Lincoln product range.
  • Warranty: Lincoln guarantees the SL-V injector series to be free from defects.
  • Some models may include 3/8 inch NPTF fittings.
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