LINCOLN VOGEL Pressure Switches DS-EP-40-D-2


LINCOLN VOGEL Pressure Switches DS-EP-40-D-2

Der ursprüngliche Preis betrug: 1,000.00 $.Der aktuelle Preis beträgt: 975.00 $.

The LINCOLN VOGEL DS-EP-40-D-2 pressure switch is a versatile and reliable component for monitoring and controlling pressure in various industrial applications, especially lubrication systems. Its features make it suitable for demanding environments where precise pressure control is critical

The LINCOLN VOGEL DS-EP-40-D-2 is a specialized pressure switch designed for use in centralized lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, and compressed air applications. Below is a detailed overview of this specific model:

Hauptmerkmale und Spezifikationen

  • Druckbereich: 0-40 bar (0-580 psi)
  • Stromspannung: 10-32 V Gleichstrom
  • Display: Includes a screen for pressure and switch status display
  • Sensormaterial: Stainless steel pressure sensor
  • Output: 2 switch outputs


The DS-EP-40-D-2 is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Zentralschmieranlagen
  • Hydrauliksysteme
  • Druckluftsysteme
  • Automobilindustrie

Technische Daten

  • Struktur: May utilize a piston pump mechanism
  • Power Source: Elektrisch
  • Maßgeschneidert: Does not support customization

Supply and Pricing

The DS-EP-40-D-2 can be purchased through various industrial suppliers and online marketplaces. Prices vary depending on the supplier and order quantity:

  • On Alibaba.com, prices range from $940 to $975 per unit, with potential discounts for bulk orders.
  • Some suppliers may offer second-hand or refurbished equipment at different price points.

Zusätzliche Funktionen

  • Druckanzeige: The switch simultaneously shows pressure readings and switch status, providing clear visual feedback.
  • Langlebigkeit: The stainless steel pressure sensor ensures robustness in industrial environments.
  • Vielseitigkeit: Suitable for various fluid types, including oils.


This pressure switch is part of the SKF Lincoln product range, known for high-quality lubrication system components. SKF’s acquisition of Vogel lubrication business led to the LINCOLN VOGEL brand.


  • Präzision: Accurate pressure monitoring and control
  • Zuverlässigkeit: Robust construction suitable for industrial use
  • Vielseitigkeit: Compatible with various system types and fluids
  • Visuelles Feedback: Integrated display for easy monitoring
  • Dualer Ausgang: Allows for more complex control schemes
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