LINCOLN VOGEL Progressivverteiler VPBM-7-WEA


LINCOLN VOGEL Progressivverteiler VPBM-7-WEA

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The LINCOLN VOGEL VPBM-7-WEA is a robust and precise progressive metering device designed to distribute lubricants in a predetermined sequence to multiple lubrication points. Its high working pressure capacity, modular design, and compatibility with various lubricants make it an essential component in industrial lubrication systems.

The VPBM-7-WEA, manufactured by LINCOLN VOGEL, is a progressive metering device (distributor block) designed for lubrication systems.

Technische Daten:

  • Stil: Hydraulisch gesteuert
  • Einbaulage: Diskretionär
  • Schraubanschluss:
    • I/O VPBM: M10x1
    • VPBG: G1/8″
  • Umgebungstemperaturbereich: -25 Bis + 110 ° C
  • Quantity of Outlets: 3 bis 20
  • Material:
    • Inlet Plate/End Plate: Steel, tinned/nitrile
    • Hydraulic Operating Pressure Max.: Oil 200 bar, grease 300 bar
  • Volume per Outlet and Cycle: 0.20 cm³
  • Schmiermittel: Mineral oils, greases based on mineral oil, environmentally friendly and synthetic oils and grease
  • Betriebsviskosität: > 12 mm²/s
  • Worked Penetration: ≥ 265 x 0.1 mm (up to NLGI grade 2)



  • Progressive distributor block for lubrication systems


  • VPBM Series


  • The “M” in VPBM likely indicates M10x1 threaded connections

Anzahl der Steckdosen

  • The “7” in the model number indicates it has 7 outlets


  • Typically made from carbon steel


  • Used in progressive lubrication systems for various industrial machinery and equipment

Eigenschaften und Funktionen

  • Hoher Arbeitsdruck: The VPBM series can handle pressures up to 300 bar
  • Precise Lubricant Metering: Ensures accurate distribution of lubricants
  • Modulares Design: Allows for system customization


  • Suitable for lubricants and greases with an NLGI grade below 2

Weitere Informationen

  • The “WEA” in the model number might indicate a specific configuration or feature, although its exact meaning isn’t clear from the available information
  • These distributors are commonly used in conjunction with other components of SKF Lincoln lubrication systems
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