LS Grease Filter


LS grease filters effectively remove grease impurities to ensure clean grease in lubrication systems.They have clogging function.Therefore, they are widely used in grease lubrication systems.

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In lubrication systems, LS line filter remove foreign particles from grease and oil lines. They are non-corrosive and can handle 25MPa psi working pressure.

Modell PN Maximaler Druck (MPa) Filter(μm) Anmerkung
LS-02-106 20802       25 150 Without clogging indicator
LS-02-206 20803 With clogging indicator
LS-02-2065 20804 With clogging & level switch
Gewicht 1 kg
Abmessungen 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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