MFE5-2000 Electrically Operated Gear Pump


MFE5-2000 Electrically Operated Gear Pump

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the MFE5-2000 is a robust and versatile gear pump device suitable for various industrial lubrication applications, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of machinery.

The MFE5-2000 is an electric gear pump device primarily used for lubrication purposes.

Spezifikationen und Features

  • Typ: Electric gear pump device
  • Stromspannung: Available in 230V and 380V configurations
  • Fließrate: Pump flow rate is 0.5 liters per minute
  • Arbeitsviskosität: Suitable for lubricating oils with a viscosity range of 5-2000 mm²/s
  • Reservoir Options: Can be equipped with 3L, 6L, or 15L capacity metal or plastic reservoirs
  • Überlaufventil: Some models come with a built-in overflow valve
  • Anwendung: Designed for intermittent operation in single-line lubrication systems

Anwendungen und Anwendungen

The MFE5-2000 gear pump device is typically used in centralized lubrication systems for the intermittent supply of lubricating oil. Therefore, it is suitable for various industrial applications where precise lubrication is crucial for maintaining mechanical performance and longevity.

Weitere Informationen

  • Installationsoptionen: This device can be flange-mounted on an oil tank and is available in wall-mounted and foot-mounted configurations.
  • Schwimmerschalter: Some models include a float switch to monitor the minimum oil level, ensuring efficient system operation and preventing damage from low lubricant levels.
  • Kompatibilität: Compatible with synthetic oils and capable of handling various working viscosities, meeting different lubrication needs.
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