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Single Injectors

The single-DLX series injectors are pressurized type positive displacement injectors. They inject oil when the system is pressurized, and are filled with oil when system pressure is relieved. The single-DLX series are adapted for volumetric periodic lubrication systems and can send fixed predetermined amounts of lubricant to lube points. They are suitable for periodic lubrication systems of 1.75-3.5MPa working pressure and have high distribution precision.

Principle schematics

As system pressure builds, oil is forced into. The disc moves forward to hollow the piston rod and close the opening. The increasing pressure collapses the disc and forces oil into the inlet chamber, around the disc seal. Disc and piston assembly compresses and the advancing piston displaces oil in the outlet chamber to the lube point. Piston assembly continues to travel towards the outlet until the piston reaches the shoulder of the outlet chamber.

How To Oder
PN L S Entladen A B
34000-opt 52 12 0.025 M8 × 1 R1 / 8
35000-opt 62 12 0.2

X: indicates flow rate code
T: indicates a complete assembly, i.e. including adaptors and compression sleeves.

Please indicate reference and discharge when ordering.

Entladung (ml/Zyklus) 025 06 10 20 30 40 50
Methode der Anzeige 0.025 0.06 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5

Zum Beispiel:
34000-20——34000 is product P.N., 20 is discharge indicating 0.2ml/injection;
34000-20T—-Indicating 34000-20 with adaptors and compression sleeve.

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