SKF 24-0159-6024 Kolbendetektor

The SKF 24-0159-6024 is a piston detector used for monitoring centralized lubrication systems. Below are the key details of this device:

Spezifikationen und Funktionen

  • Typ: Inductive piston detector
  • Funktion: Monitors the operation of progressive or dual-line metering devices in lubrication systems
  • Polarität: Bipolar (2/3 pole)
  • Enthält: Mounting adapter


This piston detector can be used in various industrial environments to monitor lubrication systems, including:

  • Fertigungsanlagen
  • Schwere Maschinerie
  • Industrial equipment requiring centralized lubrication


The primary purposes of this device are:

  • Netzwerk Performance: Tracks the functionality of metering devices in lubrication systems
  • Signaling: Provides visual or electronic signals to indicate the status of lubrication equipment
  • Vorbeugende Wartung: Helps prevent system failures and ensures proper machine lubrication

Weitere Informationen

  • Part of SKF's Condition Monitoring Tools: Contributes to predictive maintenance strategies
  • Integration: Can be integrated into broader condition monitoring systems for comprehensive machine health assessments

The SKF 24-0159-6024 piston detector plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of lubrication systems. By monitoring the movement of pistons in metering devices, it helps maintain optimal lubrication, which is vital for the longevity and performance of industrial machinery. When considering this device for specific applications, it is recommended to consult with an SKF representative or lubrication system expert to ensure it meets your specific monitoring requirements.

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