Y6020 Electrical Grease Pump


Y6020 grease pump is high pressure Pump and for 20kg drum grease pump.The voltage is AC220V and DC24V and DC12V.

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This type of pump is often used for repairing engineering machinery, particularly excavators, due to its economic benefits. It has a wide range of applications, including in ports, mines, steel mills, and manufacturing production lines. Additionally, the 220V version can be directly inserted into the grease barrel in workshops without requiring an air source to prevent oil contamination of the machine barrel.


All kinds of power machine grease injection, especially in mining, building, earth moving areas. Suitable for high viscosity grease injection.


Power supply:AC220V/DC24V/DC12V
Fasskapazität: 20-30 l
Ausgangsleistung: 0.6 l/min
Ausgangsdruck: <350kg
Fettbereich: NLGI 000#~00#3
Gewicht: 25kg
Trommelinnendurchmesser: 280-320 mm

Gewicht 30 kg
Abmessungen 60 × 60 × 80 cm

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